Drunken the Pooh

  • Kai:
    "Please stop asking, I'm much too shy to take my shirt off..."

  • Minho:
    "woah. calm down... it's just a game.."

  • G-Dragon:
    " my favorite piece of clothing? hmm it
    would have to be just a plain old comfortable tee shirt."

  • Taemin:
    "Bleh banana milk? who the hell came up with that?"

  • Key:
    " I can't say whats really on my mind! that would hurt their feelings!"

  • Chanyeol:
    "I'm bored."

  • Sunny:
    "Aegyo? thats soooo immature."

  • Mir:
    " Why hello there, would you like to
    venture over to my household where we can all dine on perfectly quaffed
    waffles and later, we can all rest our craniums on a soft pillow while
    we happily slumber?"

  • Yoona:
    "I'm so ugly no man will ever find me attractive."

  • Baekhyun:
    " I'm sorry, but honestly I think SNSD noonas are just plain and untalented.."

  • Niel:
    "Can i please have a few more lines in the next song? please?!"

  • Siwon:
    "I'v come to a conclusion. Everybody, I'm Atheist"

  • Hoya:
    "I hate purple."

  • Myungsoo:
    "I hate this bamboo pillow."

  • Sungyeol:
    "I'm the most mature in my group."

  • Sunggyu:
    "I can see you."

  • Kyuhyun:
    "Video games are childish"

  • Changmin:
    "I'm not hungry"

  • Sooyoung:
    "I'm full"

  • Onew:
    "I hate chicken!"

  • Kris:
    "Yes, let's do it!"